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Potential ADU (Before)
The family’s motorhome parking area already had an independent electrical meter, sewer lateral and water hookup. Ideal for a future ADU and we planned to market it that way—without spending much.

Potential ADU (After)
The first of two renderings we created to show how a potential ADU would fit on the property. Buyers received the spec sheet, floor plan, approximate build-out cost and other architectural details.

Site Conditions

  • No comps in this property’s neighborhood near the $2M price point
  • Entire home was packed with crafts materials the trustee intended to keep
  • Project took place in the middle of the pandemic

Results of Our Work

  • 6 offers on bid date
  • Sold for $2.2M ($405,000 over asking price)
  • 7-day closing, contingent free
  • 350% ROI on $65,700 resurfacing budget, work done in 15 business days 

Busting Through the $2M Barrier

After her husband’s passing, the seller was in a hurry to downsize and move to a retirement community that supported her lifestyle, hobbies and athletic pursuits. 

Her 1950s home had begun small, then they expanded it to five bedrooms, last renovating 30 years ago. Now the large property needed work, but the trust account held limited funds for resurfacing. 

Also unfortunate, a now out-of-business appraiser had performed a cursory drive-by appraisal and overstated the property’s value at $1.925M. This unsubstantiated amount, with no nearby homes in that range, sat on the estate’s financials as a minimum expectation for its sale. Oh boy.

Craig contacted the architect-builder from the ‘90s remodel and learned of system and mechanical improvements they had made, which were featured in our marketing. 

To boost the perceived value of the home, we used every tool at our disposal. It sold it for $2.2M—well above its lazy appraisal and highest in the area. Six months later, the senior admitted to Craig she still hadn’t fully unpacked her boxes. She was too busy with her newfound friends. Nothing could make us happier.

Looking past the red cabinets and the ornate silhouettes Craig saw opportunity, scale, lifestyle.

Oak floors stained a cool matte gray gave the entire upper level a contemporary feel. Sometimes our most effective tactics are subliminal … buyers wanted this home but they’re not entirely sure why. 

The formal dining room required imagination to get beyond the ornate, dark and heavy.

A true showstopper. Buyers gravitated to this dining room after the resurfacing.

Only light modifications needed to project a clean, inviting appearance here.

We accomplished this new look for less than $2,000.

The elder’s cozy craft area was very important to her. We had to demonstrate that her future destination would allow her to pursue the hobbies that kept her young and happy.

Once the senior’s personal property was inventoried, packed and sorted, she was hopeful and satisfied that all would be well. She lined up a rental home before this property went on the market.

The old, dried-out wood was an unnecessary blemish on the lovely outdoor space.

 With a newly applied satin finish and the nails were reset, the deck was barefoot-ready.

The cabana had promise, but dry rot, mildew, non-operable lights and rusty finishes stood in the way.

Haven! Retreat! Another lifestyle vignette we photographed and promoted.

We’ve learned to speak of resurfacing rather than painting over—especially wood finishes. It causes less anxiety. Besides, brown makes the price go down.

Lovely, fresh sitting room with the fireplace and mantel in creamy white. Instant updating!

The old, cracked brown wood needed restoration. But would today’s buyers care? They aren’t looking for dated wood finishes.

Clean, white and modern. That’s how you project confidence in the marketplace.

Beautiful, vaulted ceilings and a fireplace focal point. A little work could make this space memorable.

White and more white brings a feel of spaciousness and ease.

The pool, the brick oven, the Marin hills in the background. Lovely, but not outstanding.

Refurbished and staged to present a sense of relaxed luxury.

Developer Resurfacing Plan

We created a birds-eye view of the property to give buyers context.
 This says so much about what to expect and the lifestyle promised by the property.

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